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Novel Insights » Book Club Guidelines

Book Club Guidelines

Since we’re all grown ups, I’m not posting these because I think we’ll have issues with our group. They’re just here as a gentle reminder, and as a reference for book club members when it comes to posting and replying in discussions. (Also I really wanted to use this picture of Thumper for something. And I’m kind of pre-programmed to create rules lists because I’m trained as a schoolteacher. LOL.) Anyway, thank you for reading through these, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment!

  • Everyone has their own schedule, busy or not, so the goal was to make this as flexible as possible. We’ll read one book per month, selecting books three months at a time.
  • Please try to be halfway through the book by mid-month, and finished with the book by the end of the month. Of course, you can read faster if you like — just don’t post any spoilers!
  • Since the point of having a group was to have an interactive discussion, please try to post to at least one discussion per book! And reply to others as much as you can!

Please feel free to suggest new books any time! Suggested books will be added to our list and included in voting when it’s time to select new reads. There is a specific forum topic where you can post books you’d like the group to take a look at. We do ask that you only post these under that topic so we can better keep track of them and don’t miss a suggestion!

Definitely bring your friends to our book club!! Add them to our Facebook group, and all we need is their e-mail address so we can set them up for a forum username and password. If you’re reading this and want to join, you can submit your own info on this page. The more the merrier!

So, it would be impossible for a group of people with diverse opinions and tastes to agree completely on everything. It would also be slightly boring. There will be times when we disagree, or debate amongst ourselves, but this is a good thing because otherwise it would defeat the purpose of being in a reading group in the first place. We’re here to talk about books and share our love for reading. I trust that everyone knows better than to be rude to another member in their responses or their posts, but sometimes you may come off rude unintentionally. No drama please! Let’s be friends and stay that way! I feel that we should challenge one another, stimulate one another, but please let’s not hurt one another. Thus, please think before you speak (err, post? reply?), and remember what Thumper had to say on the issue: “If you can’t say somethin’ nice… don’t say nothin’ at all!”

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